about me

Kelly Campos has been writing and performing music for over 15 years in the Detroit area where she was the front man for the funk/alternative group Jelly’s Pierced Tattoo. As part of that group, Kelly performed at venues across the country and released three CD’s. Now a Chicagoland resident, Kelly is working to establish herself as a solo artist and releasing a full length CD of her original songs - due spring of 2014.

Nominated for a Detroit Music Award for Outstanding Vocalist, Kelly is influenced vocally by powerhouses like Aretha Franklin and Janis Joplin in addition to crooners like Sam Cooke and Sade. Playing the guitar and the djembe – an African hand drum – Kelly’s music is grounded in the passion of emotions laid bare, the secret thoughts held in the night, and the driving rhythm behind it all.

When a band fills out her musical shows, Kelly’s theatrical training is evident. Having spent time as a mainstage performer for Second City Detroit in addition to many years of theatre work as a dancer, actress and an instructor for youth theatre, Kelly has a casual stage persona and a captivating way of sharing emotion not only through the song lyrics, but also through her graceful expressiveness.