I very rarely write something political, and even less often write something to a specific audience, but this time I am doing both. I am writing to African American Democrats. 

While listening to the radio recently, I’ve become increasingly aware of something that disturbs me greatly. In the discussions about the upcoming presidential election, I hear a lot about the “historical” nature of this election, and about how “we” (black people) need to get out and support “our” president (meaning, the black man in the oval office, emphasizing the black part of it.)

This, frankly, is bullshit. There are a lot of reasons that I am voting for President Obama to have a second term, and the fact that his skin is brown is not one of them. I will fully admit that the hue of his skin makes me happy and proud. I am happy that young black men have the ultimate role model in him. I am proud that we as a country have progressed, within my parents’ lifetime, from violent segregation to claiming a minority as president.

But I am not voting for him because we share an abundance of melanin or a semi-common background.

I will proudly vote for President Obama because I agree with his basic policies on:

  • Abortion
  • Gay Rights
  • Immigration
  • The funding of Stem Cell Research
  • Healthcare Reform (Obamacare)
  • The importance of a U.S. Presence in the United Nations
  • Gun Control on Assault Weapons
  • The very real threat of Global Warming
  • Protection of our National Parks & Forests
  • The fact that government should NOT regulate the internet

I disagree with the president on some things, too. I believe Marijuana should be legalized, and I believe that space exploration is an important factor in our growth as a country and a planet, but 88% of the issues leave me & President Obama on the same side of the fence.

You know what I agree with Mitt Romney on?

No Major Issues.

Thats right. I agree with him on nothing that is of major import.

  • I can not stomach the thought of the current Republican War on Women taking over the White House.
  • I can not tolerate the idea of people who believe that rape is just a “method of conception” being in charge of policy.
  • I can not believe in someone who has the intentional blindness to say that Global Warming and Cooling are beyond our control while implying that the tons of toxins and impurities we’ve put in our atmosphere have NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.

And THAT is why I am voting for President Obama. Because I believe he is the best person for the job. POLICY is why I will vote for him.

This and ONLY this should be used as a criteria for voting. Because if you are voting for “our” president ONLY because of the color of his skin with no knowledge of his beliefs, policies or qualifications, you are no better than the person who votes for a white person simply because they do NOT have Obamas skin color.

isidewith.com is an excellent way to find out what the issues actually are (because face it, most of us tune out the news and really don’t know shit about politics and we don’t even know why we SHOULD care about this election – or any other).


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