So, my phone supposedly has this feature that translates voice mail into the written word. Got this message. It is barely equipped for cryptic English translations, not at all equipped for the Spanish language…
“Hello, this is Dr. high-booker(?) Superintendent for Lansing School District 158. Due to the extreme cold weather conditions expected tomorrow morning. All Lansing School District 158 schools which are Lester Crowl Coolidge Oakland rather-at(?) Memorial Junior High School will be closed Thursday February 19. This message will repeat in Spanish. Debbie rockland-janice-xm-of-the-field-get-this(?) but on my Nana thought of us as quite-as-ndc-feel(?) going out in Lansing. Wanna think one thing or trial-kingsley-and-mr(?). Craw Coolidge Oakland gravis(?) you Memorial Junior High and-set(?) set out us and whoever is getting(?) over there for that.”


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