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to say it
with a lilting and rhythmic flair
while serenely and secretly slipping alliteration into the air
and maybe a rhyme while you’re there

The Game of Race

If race is a card Is it something I can put back in the deck? Do hands get redealt at any point in time? Is it something that I can hide in my hands behind other more and/or less important … Continue reading

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Hazy half-tone photo

Can you believe we knew each other so well, back then? So intimate. But with the dripping of tears and the passage of years, even the memory is a hazy half-tone photo of a half-forgotten reality.

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Did The Woman Say

Did The Woman Say by Frances Croake Frank Did the woman say When she held him for the first time in the dark dank of a stable, After the pain and the bleeding and the crying, “This is my body, … Continue reading

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Phrases from midnight

Like a corset untied Like a mouth open wide I’ll hold nothing in

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Writers Block

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The blank page of today. Looks different, but just as intimidating…

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not nice, but poetic

…Ray Charles applied her makeup… Continue reading

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words right out of my brain…

Ask me, and I’ll tell you. Tell me, and I’ll listen. Disagree with me, and I’ll consider your view. Teach me, and I’ll learn. BUT order me, tell me what it is I’d better do or else, and you can … Continue reading

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as yet untitled / unfinished song

Investing in something more real than “being real”
is what really keeps you from being fake Continue reading

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Wood Nymph

This is one of my favorite poems that I’ve written. It’s old – from 1999 – but I still love it. I dust if off every now and again and share it with those who want to read. Wood Nymph … Continue reading

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