JJ Kelley’s – The Lowdown

J.J. Kelley’s was established 25 years ago in 1988. They pride themselves on being a family owned and operated restaurant and pub.

In addition to offering great food (their catering is in high demand) they have an excellent sound and lighting set up for music.

Recently remodeled, the atmosphere is nice and comfortable. So grab a drink and a plate, and enjoy the music!


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Chicks*Rock*Show – Nov 15, 2014


November 15, 2014
JJ Kelley’s
2455 Bernice Rd, Lansing, IL 60438


Krystal Kadar & Kelly Campos

Krystal Kadar is a singer/songwriter that hails from the “Region” of Northwest Indiana, several miles south of Chicago. Growing up in the culturally rich steel city has influenced her writing. She strives to hook people into her songs with melody-based tracks. Krystal brings a fresh energy to her live performances showing that piano players can rock the stage.

Kelly Campos’ dynamic vocals, infectious performances, and boundless amounts of energy have made her live performances legendary. Kelly is influenced vocally by powerhouses like Aretha Franklin and Janis Joplin in addition to crooners like Sam Cooke and Sade, but she is definitely her own artist. Kelly effortlessly melds the intensity of rock with the melodic passion of soul music with a captivating way of musically kicking your butt.

These hosts of The Chicks*Rock*Show, are both accomplished musicians and performers. They have a common background in theater and dance, and they both write and perform their own music. Through their friendship and love of each others music, they decided to start the Chicks*Rock*Show as a way to support and promote the musicianship of women.

Check out some of Krystal’s music here, and preview Kelly’s music here.


Qymana on a Quest

 This is Qymana. And she is on a Quest. Based in Hammond, IN, this multi-instrumentalist claims influences like Janis Ian, Billy Joel and Sufjuan Stevens.

Playing guitar, ukelele and piano (and maybe some other stuff!) she channels her  muses into a whole ‘nother ball of wax.

But what you hear at one performance is only the beginning. She is, after all, on a quest. And you’ll enjoy the journey right along with her…

Click here to preview her music.


Chicks*Rock*Show November 15, 2014

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yup, this is my life…

The Swirly Twirlies

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toy inequality

If u get a kids meal at Wendy’s…

they ask you specifically which toy you want. Like, “do you want the pink bouncy ball, or the brown robot” instead of saying “girl or boy toy?”

This might seem silly to anyone that doesn’t have a kid, but I find it really refreshing. My kid (and me) both really enjoy all kinds of “boyish” things. And I know a few AWESOME boys who enjoy some “girlish” things.

More than that, it makes me find it MORE irritating when McD says “girl or boy?” (even though they aren’t supposed to anymore, according to their corporate policies) and the “boy” toy is this cool robot thing, and the “girl” toy is yet another glamor/fashion doll thing…

My girl *hates* Monster High! Ugh…

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Quote of the Century

6 year old girl to her mother (me):

“I’m drinking milk because it’s so healthy. I’m kind of trying to be a vegetarian. Except I’m still going to eat hot dogs and squishy bacon.”

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the rape denial

I see him daily rage in my throat like bile. i can’t take it cause he took it & no shits were given. the rape denial. – Kelly Campos (the rape denial) —– inspired by this bull$#!+  

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Bringing the band back home

Yes! It’s happenning, Detroit!

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the importance of ‘nothing’ memories

This gallery contains 2 photos.

I have 3 real memories of them. Three. And I didn’t realize until just now, how much that makes me so very sad… Continue reading

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Summer Shows

This gallery contains 10 photos.

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Finding vs looting

The “riots” and “looting” comments have really gotten under my skin.

There are police wearing army camo in the streets brandishing automatic weapons on civilians. These people were taken unawares. The constant reference to “riot” and “looting” just smacks of a double standard, like the one seen in photos of hurricane Katrina.

The white people who were wading through chest high water with bread were captioned as “finding” food for their families. The black people who were wading through chest high water with bread were captioned as “looting” from abandoned stores.

Similarly, my heart of hearts believes that if this tragedy was somehow playing out with white victims, they would be portrayed as “finding” things to feed and protect their families until the military presence allows them to walk the streets safely again.


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